Dropshipping Service


Online retailer with a store, such as a Shopify store, who is engaged in dropshipping or brand dropshipping, typically has the following characteristics:

⚪ You prefer not to hold inventory or may only purchase a small amount for stocking.

⚪ You need us to ship products directly to your customers.


Save your time

By communicating with the agent, you can avoid spending a lot of time dealing with multiple suppliers regarding product, shipping, and packaging issues. The agent will serve as your assistant and efficiently resolve all matters with their fluent English skills, resulting in quicker response times.

You can rely on the agent to check your daily orders, send you invoices to ensure that you do not miss anything and expedite the processing time to ensure prompt shipment of products.

Save your money

Unlike AliExpress, which charges sellers an 8% platform fee, we don’t have any platform fees. This enables us to offer lower prices and invest in the superior quality of the products.

Additionally, if you place an order for multiple products, you would typically end up paying for multiple packages, which can be a significant waste of money. In contrast, we package all the products from a single order into one package, which means you pay for just one package and save at least $3 on each order which has multiple products.

Increase your sales

Enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience can boost positive feedback and increase sales.

By providing consistent high-quality products, along with fast and dependable shipping, you can significantly elevate the shopping experience, build trust with your customers, and increase their likelihood of making additional purchases from your store.

Additionally, satisfied customers are more likely to share positive feedback on social media and recommend your store to their friends, further boosting your reputation and potential sales.



To partner with us, we require a minimum of 5 orders per day. We take our business seriously and expect the same level of commitment from our partners. By working together, we can deliver valuable and consistent results to the customers.

To establish a stronger connection, we recommend a chat or call via Skype or WhatsApp. This will give us the opportunity to get to know one another and build a mutually beneficial relationship.

get quotation

⚪ To get started with QBSourcing, install our app to your store.

⚪ Once you have it set up, you can easily post a sourcing request and wait for your agent to provide a quotation.

⚪ Don’t hesitate to chat with your agent if you have further requirements or questions about the process.

run orders

⚪ Your agent will send you the invoice daily containing details about your orders.

⚪ Once you review the invoice, you can proceed with payments. Your agent will then take charge of purchasing, packaging, and shipping your products out. And our app will automatically fulfill your store orders with the tracking numbers.

⚪ If you encounter any issues with your orders, you can always reach out to your agent for assistance.


⚪ If you have any additional requirements or suggestions to enhance our current working process, you are welcome. We have an open mind and are always willing to discuss with you to make things better.