Amazon FBA Service


If you are running an Amazon business, with the intention of purchasing products from China and sending them to the Amazon warehouse.



⚪ To get started, all you need to do is provide the details of what product you’re looking for. This can be achieved by sharing a link or picture of the product, along with the desired quantity.

⚪ Our agent will then take on the task of sourcing the product and provide you with a price quote.

⚪ We can also procure demos from a variety of factories with different price points, allowing you to compare and decide which product is the most suitable for you.


⚪ The first step is to ensure the quality of each item by thoroughly checking it. After that, the standard packaging should be used with an Amazon code sticker attached to each product. Once all items have been packed, they will be gathered in a large box, ready to be shipped.

⚪ In addition, there are better options available. You can choose to customize the box and add a tag with your own brand logo and message. This allows for a more personalized packaging that meets your brand’s specific needs.

⚪ We also offer photography services for both the product and packaging, which can be utilized for your product listing and detail pages on Amazon.


Firstly, it’s essential to ensure that your products are present in the Amazon warehouse. so, a well-planned strategy can help reduce storage costs. Here are a few strategies to consider:

⚪ If you want to test and sell products quickly, air freight is a fast option.

⚪ When your daily orders become steady and you’re ready to scale your business, consider using sea freight. This option reduces shipping fees considerably and increases profitability.

⚪ One important thing to keep in mind is that once your products are in the Amazon warehouse, storage fees increase. You can avoid this by storing your products in our warehouse for free. When your Amazon inventory reaches the warning line, we can handle the shipping for you immediately.

Or hire an agent

⚪ If you have suppliers and require an agent to facilitate communication with them, we offer full-time agents with flexible costs. The agent receives a commission fee of 5% of the product cost. The maximum fee per month is 3k USD, which means that the monthly salary can range from 0 to 3k USD.

⚪ The agent functions as your personal assistant in China and ensure that everything runs smoothly. So it’s much easier for you to maintain an efficient and productive relationship with your suppliers.