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$5 off for your first order

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We take your sourcing & dropshipping business to the Pro level



🐌 Standard shipping 20 ~ 30 days

🐌 Unknown processing time
❔ Forget to pay
❔ The product is in shortage
❔ Don’t know when it will be shipped out

Fast shipping

🔥 Fast shipping 7 ~ 12 days

🔥 Fast processing time. Our agent will take care of your store orders every day to make sure it is shipped out asap

☁️ AliExpress sellers pay for platform fee of 8%,
and more for the p4p fee for the product promotion

☁️ In case one order contains several products, you are paying for several packages, it is a big waste of money

Low Price

☀️ No platform fees, so we can lower the price and keep your money invested in the good product quality

☀️ Keep one order’s products all in one package, and only charge for one package, so at least save $3 for each product

Great Communication

When your store is running and scaling, you will confront a lot of issues you really want to communicate
👉 the order issues: the consumer wants to change the product color, add more product, or even cancel the order
👉 the shipping issues: got the wrong address, or the shipping stuck
👉 the product issues: the Aliexpress sellers change the variant or the price you don’t even know

😓 Poor service even no response.

😊 Your agent is your teammate, help you to solve all the issues.
Chat with you all along in WhatsApp or Skype.

❔ Buy samples, spend the money and spend the time waiting.
or just run the product which is invisible to you.

❔ If the quality is not good? just try another test, and it is already hurting your store.

❔ Your SKU grows, the quality risk grows, and you may feel frustrated about your business

High Quality

✅ Show the pictures, and videos to you, if you have a higher requirement, try several factories to do the comparison.

✅ Check each package’s quality, and make sure the quality is consistent.

✅ SKU grows, and your high-quality products speak for your store,
and your store has a good reputation.


The brand is simply a name, in which you are able to make friends with your consumers, from the nice to meet you, to love to hang out with you, to share with their friends. When you gain people’s trust, make people’s lives much better, not only earn the money but also find the ultimate meaning of life.

◻️ Unsuported

🏷️ Implement your digital branding with physical branding, to make your branding of good quality from outside to inside.

Provide the thank you card
Provide the branding packages
Provide the logo print on your product

⚪ Using DSers paying a monthly fee of $19.9
Carefully select the product, and do the variants mapping.
Remember to check every product and pay.
Hope the product is not in shortage, and the price is not changed.
Hope they do the shipping, despite the shipping being slow.

⚪ Individual agent
Manually export Excel out every day.
Waiting for the invoicing check it carefully.
Waiting for the tracking number in Excel.
Manually put the tracking number in your store orders.


🟢 Using QBSourcing app for free, our agent will do all the work.
>  Do the product mapping for you with no limitations,
>  Take care of your orders, invoice you,
>  Put the tracking number in your store automatically.

🟢 You can have all the controllability with ease, and have the confidence to focus on marketing to scale your business.


The answers you may want to know about sourcing & dropshipping fulfillment

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We offer one-stop sourcing service from China. Sourcing according to your demand and send quotation.
Place orders and follow up production schedule. Carry out quality inspection of goods after production.
Handle exporting procedures. Other exportation business cooperation.

We can source any products according to your request. Please fill in your request details, we will offer you a free quotation within 24 hours. Time is money!

Our MOQ is 5 daily orders. If less than 5 MOQ, we have an advantage in shipping time, but no advantage in price. Hurry up and contact us to take your business to the next stage.

We quote the total order cost, including the product cost and shipping cost for each country. There are no additional hidden fees on top of these costs. 

We use a variety of special lines to optimize the best possible shipping method (as fast as 5 to 7 days). We have long-term and stable fast transportation channels to ensure that packages reach consumers safely and quickly.

-When we have stock of the product, we process the orders on the same day.

-When we do not have stock of the product, it may take between 1-2 days to arrive at our warehouse. Once it arrives at our warehouse, we will ship it on the same day.

Yes, Our tracking number is traceable. Non-trackable shipping methods, though cheaper, are highly unreliable. This will cause a lot of after-sales problems.

Yes, we will integrate with your Shopify store through our app called QB Sourcing. So we can automatically fulfill the orders. You only simply focus on the market.

-We accept bank transfers. Recommend you use www.wise.com for international bank transfers.

-We also accept Paypal payments.

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