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QB Sourcing is the best order fulfilment in Zhejiang, China. We control the supply chain, so you can focus on growing your brand.

Our customers are various ecommerce business owners. They take time selling products. We are responsible for order fulfillment from product sourcing, quality control, warehouse, packing and fast shipping. 

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You own a small business but lack the experience of importing in China

You want to Brand your business with Print on Demand and custom packaging service

You are looking for faster and more economical transportation solutions

The quality of the product cannot be checked before delivery, and the quality is not up to the standard after receiving the goods

You run an e-commerce business and want to find an app to integrate with shopify to automatically fulfill orders

The total number of orders is small but there are many varieties, which does not reach the minimum order quantity for local purchases

You have a supplier in China, but it is difficult to ship products from different suppliers together

Due to time difference and other reasons, communication via email results in low work efficiency, and it takes a long time to confirm the order

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Having a reliable supply Chain is important to your success in Dropshipping business
Your reputation among your customers is totally based on the shipping speed and the quality of product

Product Sourcing

Our QB Sourcing will help you purchase the good price and high quality products directly from the factory. We will reply to your price within 24 hours.

Quality Control

The procurement team strictly screens the supply chain, and the quality control team strictly controls the products arriving in the warehouse. We will carefully check the product quality to ensure that the package is intact before leaving China. Effectively reduce the after-sales service and refund rate due to product quality.

Private Label & Branding

If you have your own brand, we will help you customize the label, tag, card, letter to ensure that the products you sell are all of the same brand. Improve high secondary purchase rates and free social traffic.

Custom Packaging

We provide a series of customized packaging solutions for your branded dropshipping. Customized packaging with your logo on the box and bag. Expand brand influence.

Inventory Management

We offer FREE inventory storage and offer same day shipping if we have the inventory ready in stock. You can buy inventory with a better price to improve the competitiveness of your products.

Worldwide Fulfillment

We combine multi-orders into one package without invoice. We provide worldwide fulfillment service , shipping products directly from China to your customers' address according to different transportation methods. We optimize fast shipping to US, UK, AU, NZ,EU countries in 5 to 10 Days.

Our Dropshipping Services

Help you realize your ecommerce dream and take your business to the next level.

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We are your one-stop order purchasing and fulfillment plan in China

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Why choose QB Sourcing as your agent in China?

With QB Sourcing you can easily scale your brand. Simply focus on your market and clients without having to deal with multiple suppliers. QB Sourcing helps you control the supply chain, be more efficient, save money, and increase your profits by up to 50%.

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Product Sourcing

Quality Control 

Private Label

Custom Packaging

Branding Dropshipping

Inventory Management

Automatic fulfillment of orders

Worldwide Fulfillment









Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China