Dropshipping Agent vs AliExpress

In the previous video, we discussed China’s domestic and international market, and you now have a clear understanding of the entire China market. However, there is no perfect platform in the market, and you may wonder if there is a better solution. Dropship agents in China could be an option, but there is no public platform available. This raises questions such as what dropship agents are, how they work, whether they’re suitable for your business, whether they’re trustworthy, and how they differ from AliExpress.

After researching online, you’ll find both AliExpress and dropshipping models have pros and cons. However, it’s difficult to apply this knowledge to your own business. The best way to understand the pros and cons is through the dropshipping process itself. The process is divided into two stages – the test stage to prove your business idea and the production stage to scale the business.

Dropshipping Test stage

During the test stage, there are three tasks: product research, store building, and marketing. You don’t need to aim for perfection, just focus on building quickly and making adjustments as needed. In product research, use public resources like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Google trends with research tools to find what you need. The Shopify store can be built with AliExpress’s help, use their products, descriptions, and images with automation tools for efficiency. In marketing, use your English skills and knowledge of customer behavior and social media to make an impact. Once you have your business running, AliExpress’s resources can help even more. As you improve your business, there may come limitations you need to overcome.

Dropshipping Production stage

Now let’s go to the production stage. Yes, you’re gonna grow your business faster, and make decent money, it must be very exciting. and now you are going to solve the issues, break the limits, and optimize your process. 


Speed is crucial when it comes to package delivery. A quick delivery will make customers happy and lead to positive reviews. However, there are two steps to consider in achieving this. Firstly, the processing time, which can sometimes be slow due to uncontrollable factors like product shortages from different AliExpress sellers. Secondly, the shipping method, where AliExpress standard shipping can sometimes cause delays and negative reviews that can be erased on the platform but will remain in the customer’s mind and affect your store’s reputation. Using a dropshipping agent can solve this problem by utilizing faster shipping methods like YunExpress, 4px, CNE, and Yanwen. The next issue is mixed products from different AliExpress stores causing problems in shipping times and extra expenses. Dropshipping agents can solve this issue by consolidating all products from one order into a single package for faster and cheaper shipping, leading to satisfied customers.


The golden rule of business is to buy low and sell high. Securing a lower price for your products brings you more profits and helps make your business more competitive. This is exactly why working with a dropship agent is beneficial. They can offer a lower price on products since they work with you directly, outside the AliExpress platform.

Furthermore, with higher sales volume comes the opportunity for bigger product orders at lower prices. However, this is not always possible on the AliExpress platform, resulting in increased competition from other sellers as sales volume increases. This is not the case when working with a dropshipping agent.


To improve product quality or make changes based on consumer feedback, searching for a new AliExpress supplier is risky. Additionally, adding personalized touches to packaging is not possible on the platform. However, your agent can work with you on these improvements and are willing to help make consumers happy.


Dealing with many AliExpress suppliers is time-consuming due to slow response times and language barriers. Instead, working with an agent can save time and energy by communicating through various apps like email, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook messenger. Agents respond quickly with better English skills, allowing for more focus on creative, marketing, and customer service tasks. Utilizing public resources in production stages and dropshipping agents for private resources can lead to a steady, healthy, and strong business, resulting in personal happiness and confidence for a bright future.

Why Dropshipping Agent Model works

The dropshipping agent model is better than the AliExpress seller model because it eliminates the commission fee charged by AliExpress, providing lower product prices and faster shipping. Dropship agents have no category limits and can access all kinds of products, providing consistently high-quality service. Unlike AliExpress sellers who prioritize their own store ranking and sales volume, agents prioritize the success of your store and work with you to grow your business long-term. It’s better to work with a dropshipping agent to build a strong business relationship on the same page.

How Dropshipping Agent works with your growth

Dropship agents are the ideal solution for international businesses to access China’s domestic market. Hiring an employee in China is costly and risky, but agents provide shared access to a good quality employee with excellent English skills. As your business grows, the agent can assign assistants, creating a team to work on your supplier chain. With a flexible and well-designed model, communication is streamlined, and everything is under control. Using an agent to access China’s cheap labor force is what large international companies do, and now even small businesses can benefit from it to grow faster.